Upcoming introductory events on Research, Training, and Admissions to be announced in January, 2020.


Yale Club of New York:  “Pioneering Studies in Integrative Medicine: Exploring the Relationship of Consciousness and Healthcare.” Presentation and Screening, NY, NY.


Palm Beach: Pioneers in Integrative Medicine Award & Gala Dinner, Speakers: James Gordon MD, Larry Dossey MD, Joseph Pierce Farrell DTh. Palm Beach, FL.


The Aspen Health and Wellness Forum: Dr. JP Farrell and Dr. Larry Scherwitz. “Cutting Edge Therapies in Integrative Medicine: Case Studies in Rapid Anti-Aging, Rapid Wound Healing, and Non-Invasive Aesthetic Improvement.” Aspen, CO.


Princeton, NJ: Institute for Spirituality & Healthcare. Presentation: Pioneering Research at the Frontiers of Healing and Anti-Aging.


Fordham University: “The Healing Power of Our Intentions: Exploring the Integral Relationship of the Body, Mind, and Spirit for Improved Health.” New York, NY.


London, UK: The Hale Clinic, Presentation:  “Integrating Consciousness-Based Modalities into Clinical Care for Improved Health Outcomes.” London, UK.


Cambridge, MA: The Center for Psychology and Social Change: “The Potentiality of Consciousness as an Agent of Change: Case Studies on Non-Invasive Rapid Aesthetic Improvement.”


Home House London, “Preliminary Evaluations of the Efficacy of Consciousness-Based Healthcare to achieve benevolent treatment effect.” London, UK.


CBS Simon & Schuster (NYC), “Authors Revealed (interview).” New York, NY.


American Conference Center (NYC), “Pioneers in Integrative Healthcare.” New York, NY


 Institute for the Development of Education, Arts and Leisure: “Spiritual Practices for Health and Wellbeing.” British Columbia, Canada.

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